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My name is Sashka – And I BRAND YOUR SOUL.

I’m the founder of BrandSashka, my Empire, that re-empowers your UnderGOD and raises legendary Soul Brand Leaders.
I lead a team of highly qualified and passionate Soul Leaders, working on creating and marketing your unforgettable soul brand, from the inside-out.

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How does it work?

On the surface, it looks like all we do is create a pretty logo and branding.
But when you dig deeper and start working with BrandSashka, you’ll soon come to realise that it’s MUCH more than ‘just’ that.

BrandSashka uses its signature system – SOUL BRAND MARKETING® to BRAND YOUR SOUL® – to create and market your Brand.
From years of experience and research, it’s a known fact, that irrespective of how successful you are, if you don’t know your WHY, your CORE MESSAGE of why you’re here on earth. Every single thing that you do, feels meaningless.

Which is why we always start with finding your WHY, the starting point.

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Once we have this, we move into creating and marketing your Brand. 
Your Marketing Strategy (6 Marketing P’s > Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Purpose).
Your Branding (Logo, design, colours, message, tagline, essence, tonality, visual direction).
Your Communications Strategy (Writing a Book, PR, Thought Leadership, Facebook Advertising Campaigns).

BrandSashka ensures that whatever we’re creating has the stamp of BRAND LEADERSHIP approval. We don’t create mass produced brands. We raise Soul Brand Leaders who are ready to own their Leadership as the changemakers of this world.

Soul Brand Marketing© is an 8-step process, that challenges your status quo from the inside-out, always putting Purpose-over-Profit. And … not to forget, ALWAYS with a dash of delectable Mad Hatter FUN! Because life and business should be FUN – right?

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