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Hi there!

My name is Sashka – And I BRAND YOUR SOUL.

Let’s cut to the chase. As a Visionary, Rebel, Free-Spirit and Misfit, you desire nothing more for you and your business, than to make money, be a shit-hot brand and THE go-to-expert in your niche. Simple wish right?

Then why is it proving to be so damn difficult? Probably because of all the gazillion stuff ‘n fluff offered online? Challenges, Sales Funnels, Epic List Building and so on. Now all these elements are super important, we can’t deny that. However, not knowing how to put it all together for the BIG picture?

That’s the sweet spot right there, where BrandSashka can help you STOP WASTING YOUR TIME. I start with your Soul (’cause I’m all about Soul)… and I channel to hear and see what your Soul Brand is and then I create it.
From the Branding (Logo, colours, typography, customised visuals) through to the Marketing (What products/services at what price, distributed where) and the Advertising and Sales (creating Campaigns, Copywriting, Website, Soul Funnels, Pipelines, Videography and more).

Like I said, the whole she-bang! Because my purpose is to ensure that that Soul Leader that’s been lying dormant for WAAAAAY too long, be re-empowered to rise up and lead. Is that you?

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