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About BrandSashka

Founder of BrandSashka & 'Brand-ING Your Soul'

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

However, you’ve magically come to know me, welcome! My name is Sashka, the Founder of BrandSashka, where I Brand Your Soul.
So you’d like to know a bit more about me? Well, I’m human. I have flaws, I’m a momma of 3 kids and wife to one husband, which can drive me insane at times – it’s totally natural to want to run away at times and just go away to come back again (know what I mean?). I believe only the impossible is possible. My cat owns me and I want a dog to show the cat what unconditional love means. I’m a crazeeee Life Junkie and have an awesome family and circle of soul-friends. I’m grateful to be alive, be able to read and live in times where I’m able to express myself the way I am. BrandSashka is all about Spiritual Brand Marketing. My gift to see into your Soul and Brand it. I don’t have a heart-breaking life story. I had the BEST upbringing, spoilt with love and attention. Was given freedom to express myself and be me. I drove myself a little crazy always trying to live by the rules when I really wanted to break them. My story is that I’ve gone through life’s “growth” lessons to learn more and more about Consumer Behaviourism – Buyer Behaviour and the Art and Discipline of Spiritual Brand Marketing. And my Ego will confirm – I’m fucking good at this. Which is why I do what I do with an unquenchable passion. I’m totally crazy but can be a pain-in-the-arse Philosopher sometimes – drive myself batty sometimes!

My mantra in life Thoughts Become Things. I’m most content, when I’m in the company of wise men and women, and aspire to become this too. Why? Because wisdom chooses to understand the person, rather than change them.

Wanna chat? I’m old school with my scheduling…so drop me an email here or ping me on Facebook Messenger here.


Art Director Extrodinaire

Yvette Terblanche

I’m addicted to Coke Zero, or anything with carbs actually. I only recently jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon, very late I know! I’m currently devouring the third book. I secretly believe in Astrology, and according to a Numerologist I met in Cambodia I will retire quite early in life, which is nice. I love drawing, although I don’t do it nearly enough. I love all things beautiful especially decorative rugs and pillows which are currently sprawled all around my house, I am in constant fear of drowning in pillows while sleeping! I suffer from horrible allergies, but never take medication. My struggle is real.

Founder of One Focus Marketing & Partner Facebook/Google Management

Ben Blackmon

I created One Focus Marketing because after working with so many entrepreneurs I discovered a common theme. They often feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next. My part in helping entrepreneurs comes in by attracting highly qualified customers/clients. I love my work because I grow businesses exponentially by creating a compelling sales funnel, beginning with Facebook Ads.

How I got here is an amazing journey from rural Kentucky to world traveler. From being on the team of arguably the best motivational coach ever to building two other successful businesses. You could say I’ve seen a lot of stuff and been through a lot. Now, I reside in Knoxville Tennessee with my two incredible kids, Jase and Evan along with our dog Maddie. Life is good!

Art Direction BrandFlava Magazine

Ronel Human

The current art director of BrandFlava magazine, Ronel Human, was born in Durban but she followed the sea, and her dreams, to the Cape Peninsula where she currently resides. Her two children were born into a home inspired by art, with her husband, Gerhard, also working as an artist. Ronel studied graphic design at Technikon Pretoria and went on to work as a freelance painter and designer. Though she is experienced in the field of commercial design, many of her finest artworks are captured in oil. She has a special interest in the world and the people around her.