Advanced Business
Sashka Regina

How to fix something that isn’t broken?

“Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.”- A mantra I know you have encountered, just as I have, in daily conversations and even in free and paid consulting sessions. These words tend to make their appearance whenever we speak about changing things up. But all this phrase is saying is that it is there, and it works, but it’s also not striving towards more. This way of thinking made me question why you wouldn’t want to grow in your business or at least plan for the growth.

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Advanced Business
Sashka Regina

How to adapt your business model for profitable success

Business and marketing are both sides of the same coin, the one cannot be without the other. In business, you require consumers, and the entirety of attracting your clientele in a way that leads to conversion is what marketing means. It is what it was created for, and if you are using an effective marketing strategy, is what will grow your business.

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Advanced Business
Sashka Regina

How To Breakthrough The White Noise As A Visionary!

Our “always on” culture, complete with the enormous pressure of the expectation of instant responses, affects everything from the quality of our sleep to the depth of our relationships.

Breaking through white noise isn’t always an easy feat. Which isn’t to say it isn’t doable.

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In these 30-minutes you can be guaranteed, that the time will be used efficiently, without any pfaffing, uhming and ahhing. With over 35 years of experience in the world of business and brand building and marketing, Sashka has the affinity and expertise to get straight to the core of the focus within seconds to ensure that both parties are served fully to achieve their intention for this session.

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our four core areas for brand & business building

growth strategy

We specialize in custom growth and scale strategies, as well as beyond-the-obvious promotion campaigns to build engaged communities online and offline, as well as targeted and financial ROI on lead generation. 3-12 month customized strategy design and development to grow and/or scale your business and/or brand conversions.

digital marketing

Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing & Management, Content Creator/Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & Funnel/Flywheel Conversions.

visual branding

Designing and Developing your Brand from scratch and/or re-branding (Logo, Colours, fonts, Mood board, visual Templates, CI Manual).

brand authority

Building long-term relationships with the media, podcasters, and event organizers seeking thought leaders to speak and/or be represented in the media.

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