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Yesterday my daughter made me aware of her new crush, a f*ck boy, telling her all the ‘right’ things to get what he wants. We happened to be chatting about this, whilst I was doing some Agency work, and I realised that the same principle is used in Marketing, saying all the right things to get you to do one thing. Buy.

And yes, we’re businesses, and we live off the revenue we bring into our businesses, BUT, not by being a f*ck boy!

And the thought crossed my mind, OMG, I don’t want anyone to think that BrandSashka Talent Agency is a f*ck boy because we implement marketing!

Because our goal is not to get you to buy at all costs, even if we implement marketing.

Nooooo … We’re all about personal relationships, brand positioning, getting eyeballs on your intellectual property – your methodology – your purpose, and making sure you’re living your fullest potential without sacrificing your time and energy marketing.

No online courses. No self-studies. No membership sites. But rather personal attention. Detailed attention.

I felt compelled to write this for you today, to let you know that the BrandSashka Talent Agency for Entrepreneurs does not implement f*ck boy marketing (coined this terminology btw).


Being a f*ck boy in marketing

I have found that the way we play with our audiences’ problems, pain points, hurts, fears and more qualifies us as f*ck boys. Not really a nice thing to admit, but it’s true. We lay on the visual branding, write the best copy, and conjure up the best online presence, promising the world, and then leaving our audience out to dry.

We add more and more content and do it often in such a way that causes FOMO for our audiences, that they feel guilted into buying something, whether it be through retargeted paid advertising, emails, events … the list goes on.

I know that we as entrepreneurs are all aware of this because I too got tired of it all, so much so, that I quit social media and my business in general for a while to get back on track and remind myself of my purpose, my values and why. But more importantly, that I create my own reality. I had to see that I was killing my vision and passion, the more I was falling trap to what everyone else was doing and not following my own unique path. 

I had to remind myself that I am all about human connection. Being real. Details. Empathy. Meeting people and seeing the potential in connecting people because of the good impact it will cause for the highest good of all.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re implementing f*ck boy marketing? How have you found a way out of it?

getting out of the f*ck boy marketing mentality.

Remembering why I started.

Yes, I started my business out of pride and spite. To prove to so many people and corporates I had worked for, what they’d be missing out on for letting me go and not seeing my true potential.

Sad. But that is the reason I started. However, in all my messaging, it was always about creating the stage for regular people (underdogs) to implement extraordinary visionary ideas, perform their purpose, why, values and vision that will impact their audience’s world positively, especially when everyone said it could never be done.

I started off doing this through marketing and consulting and as time went by, I finally came full circle to the BrandSashka Talent Agency. Doing what I was always doing – focusing on human connection and connecting humans.

I have been asked if a Talent Agency is the same as a PR Agency because of all the connecting and networking. But it’s not.

talent agency vs pr agency

TALENT AGENCIES seek out talent for different niches and markets and find those talents work to position their talent in the market as unique. The agency represents and manages those talents so that the talents can do what they do best: Express their highest potential and talents.

This is why BrandSashka Talent Agency is not a PR agency.

I’ve worked in PR marketing for two decades and in my opinion PR is a talent but it’s also passive marketing.

Most PR gets you exposure.

Gets you on a podcast. Gets you featured in the media. Gets you exposure.

This helps get more followers on social and on your email list.

It’s great for repurposed content to use on social.

But the actual ROI? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m not saying PR isn’t a good marketing strategy, but rather PR is effective when it’s supporting your brand as public information as awareness rather than needing PR as a drive for sales.

That means that your brand is positioned within the market as the leader and PR is supporting that statement.

Brand positioning requires you to have:

  1. A strong visual brand (colours, logo, brand personality, logo, brand guidelines)
  2. A full-functioning website that is user-friendly and a sales platform
  3. Offering a solution (idea) to a problem that your audience knows only you can offer them
  4. Cohesive communication across all marketing platforms including social media and PR
  5. Having a strong network and team


pr is passive marketing.

This is an Instagram post from Dwayne The Rock Johnson about his CMO Maya Lasry. Social media PR from a personal brand.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von therock (@therock)


There is a lot to unpack in this one post:

  1. PR for his CMO
  2. PR for his companies
  3. PR for his personal brand

We as the reader, are taking in

  1. The Rock is so humble sharing how his success is through teamwork made possible through his CMO Maya
  2. The CMO has so many companies to juggle (making us readers aware of just how many companies The Rock has)
  3. Awareness that Dani Garcio is his partner and mother of his first child and the amicable relationship that they have together breaking stigmas
  4. What a great guy The Rock is, and that he is actually posting his own content and not being managed by someone to post impersonal content

The PR isn’t leading us to buy.

It’s making us aware.

And awareness leads to the user making a choice whether the information resonates with their values, interests and/or desires, leading them to action, being either finding out more information and/or scrolling.

PR is passive marketing. Exposure for awareness.

And maybe sales. This is not a given.

This is where we differentiate with PR. The Talent Agency strategy is connecting your brand with the opinion leaders of, for example, a podcast, where you collaborate rather than just appear on the podcast and repurpose the content.

Because your network is your net worth.

And working together is a higher financial and personal ROI and long-term.

This is why we charge a monthly retainer over 365 days. Because we are working towards building relationships and a strong network aligned with your strategy conceived from our Day One/365 Workshop.

We’re building relationships, not quick fixes.

in today’s world,

we’ve actively played a part in seeing how important human contact and connection has become for not only our humanity but our business growth too.

Marketing on social media is a form of PR. It’s making your audience aware of your brand, but the true connection happens IRL, with real people, who are a positive influence on their audience.

This networking is time-consuming and requires a dedicated team that ensures that your brand and your intellectual property – your methodology is being exposed to the right audience and market, aligned with the custom strategy hashed out during our Day One/365 Days Workshop without the f*ck boy marketing.


Strategies that have evolved through BrandSashka up-to-date, are Roadshows for Europe with collaborations and brand partnerships, positioning certifications for different markets, collaborating and connecting with music artists for cross-audience-marketing exposure, pop-up shops, building a brand for an upcoming model to secure different income streams and so much more.


and her new crush, we’ve had a little chat on the importance of being aware of seeking validation and recognition from outside of one’s self. That no matter what this crush tells her, it should never move the needle on what SHE thinks of herself because that is HIS opinion, not hers. Yes, she’s beautiful, yes she has a big heart, yes she’s creative and outgoing and fun to be around with. She can thank him for seeing what she knows about herself, and that the compliments don’t give him permission for anything else.

These sure are tricky grounds I’m treading through with my teenies right now … and again, I’m just blown away at how life and business are intertwined when you’re living the life you love and want.

So now over to you wonderful soul – are you implementing f*ck boy marketing? How are you managing it?


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