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Services Rendered:


Working with this incredible woman Ulrike Lorenz made my heart sing!

I absolutely adore Ulrike! Her mission, her vision and her values.

We worked on the whole damn package website, copywriting, content marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, launch campaigns, direct marketing, visual branding, podcast creation & management, merchandising, print brochures and more.

Unfortunately, I live too far away from Ulrike, and during our long-year work, she noticed more and more that she needed her team around her. It was then that we parted ways in 2021, where she has since been building her team up in Sweden with volunteers and weekly meetings. The website has also been translated more into Swedish to speak to the Swedish community than the original English counterpart.

I support Do Good Now Global and NGO with all my heart and have absolutely loved working with Ulrike!


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