How To Get Noticed By The Media

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I am by no means a Cindy Crawford or Angelina Jolie when it comes to Bombshell looks and figure. I’m just me. 1.65cm tall, 15kg’s overweight but strong and firm, I have a few wrinkles here and there and more stretch marks than I started off with in life. I’m not super famous nor am I a household name (yet!).

So I’m not particularly someone the media would be attracted to. And yet, here I am plain-Jane Sashka featured on Forbes and Buzzfeed! That’s a big deal! At least it is for me. And today’s tip to getting noticed by the media are really simple ones – perhaps even reminders? But even the latter needs to be a kick-up-the-butt for us entrepreneurs wanting to gain Brand Authority. Because we get complacent and if there’s one thing that gets my knickers in a knot, it’s complacency. So let’s dive into your next steps to getting noticed by the media, shall we?


Inspector Clouseau, Tom Cruise or The Witches of Eastwick. They can sniff out the bad apples. As can the media when you’re rambling on about what you do without a clear direction or lead for the media. Your Brand Message – the one that you put out to the world to let them know what you do, why you do it and for whom, is so important. It not only keeps you on track with your message but also helps the media to clearly allocate your message and align it with their journalism.

The easier you make it for yourself, the easier you make it for the media. And we all love simple right? I’ve made it easy for you to find yours here.



This so goes against my principles, but it’s what the world DOES! Judges a book by its cover. Very little of the human population take the time to suss you out a bit before forming an opinion about you. Which is why, by getting the media’s attention, be sure that your brand photography is spot-on and VERY exciting to use for the media. The more eye-catching your photography is the more fun the writers have to work with.

And before I hear the introverts shuffling their way into the back-of-line, out of attention’s way, let me add that even introverts can have some really good photograph material. Some of my shyest clients have come out with the most gorgeous photos after working with a photographer and my brief.

The trick is to feel yourself in your alter-ego state.
What that is? It’s the state that gives you courage and boldness to do anything.
For example for me, coming from an acting background and absolutely LOVING theatre, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Pirates, Fantasy and expression, I am most at home when I’m in a role and being photographed. When I need to pose and do some model-stuff, I immediately feel awkward and out-of-place.
One of my introvert clients ADORES nature, trees, animals even though it has very little to do with her business per se, but I suggested she has photos taken where she feels at one with her alter-ego – the one that gives her strength and courage. Which she then followed, and her photos are phenomenal! You would never in a million years have guessed that she was too shy to have photo’s taken!

So think about that one – who your alter-ego is that gives you that boost and slip into that role when having your photo’s taken. Need some inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board (and whilst you’re at it start your own for your personal brand shoot).



This is probably one of the most important elements: Connection.
I think it speaks for itself? The more you reach out, the more you’ll be reciprocated and the more of a network you’ll build to your advantage and to that of your brand. All it takes is YOU reaching out and making the first move.

And the only thing that can go wrong, is you get a Yes or No. Nothing so bad about that one right?


Want to read the full article in Forbes? Click the visual. 


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