Mikalena Knight – Brand Development

1300 x 983 px Mikalena Knight logo 2

Services Rendered:


I met Mikalena in a Facebook Group when she reached out to ask about anyone who could help her with her brand development.

This has been such an evolution for Mikalena. From changing her actual name, to designing her brand for her website design and development and so much more.

Mikalena has grown into herself and her brand, and has since re-vamped her brand with her sister in Australia.

I have had the honour and pleasure of having Mikalena as a Speaker at my Women Entrepreneurs On Fire Event in South Africa in 2020, where she brought the house down!

Although this branding is no longer being used, it was what sparked a journey forward for Mikalena and our beautiful relationship with one another, not just as clients but as sisters of the collective.


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