Is Mindset Growth the Same as Business Growth?

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To grow your business from no-name to an unforgettable brand isn’t easy-peasy. It requires you to pull up some big girl and boy panties. And when I say panty pulling, I mean getting your business and brand strategy up-to-scratch. And when I say strategy, I don’t mean your MINDSET.  Now, lately I’ve noticed that a LOT of CEO Entrepreneurs tend to focus on mindset, and without being a smart-arse, I feel it needs to be mentioned why I feel that this is a mistake. Sure mindset is important, and in fact it’s crucial for self-actualisation and PERSONAL growth – but it isn’t what’s going to drive your business and brand growth. And I’ll tell you why. Focussing on mindset is important, but mindset growth is NOT business growth. Your business doesn’t have a mindset- it has systems and operations. Your business doesn’t have emotions, and the ONLY reason it’s living and breathing is YOU.    

Business Growth runs on the many empty vessels that needs to be filled with YOU- the brand, such as:

a) website, b) copywriting, c) photography, d) visual branding e) Lives f) Ads The problem is that you seem to be off on a tangent, working on your self-actualisation but leaving your business in a bit of a tizz. Your business is SUPPOSED to be running automatically, with a good strategic foundation, but instead it seems that your business is running you, as you’re constantly dipping your toes in and out of the business ‘when’ you have ‘time’ in-between your mindset spurts. Let’s be clear, your business is NOT a cold hearted capsule waiting to be filled with ‘strategy’. Your business needs your positive energy and positive mindset in order to GROW with strategy, ideas and, most importantly, PURPOSE. AND your business growth also depends very strongly on the growth of your systems and processes. If these are not in place, then no matter how much mindset growth you do, your business is going to fall back. And nobody wants that. Let’s look at an example. 


Mindset Growth

The thing I hear most from CEO entrepreneurs is that they want more clients. I mean we ALL want more clients, right? So, you decide you want more clients- what do you do? Well, you decide to sell your products and services at CRAZY LOW prices so you can serve a lot of people. Bingo! You’ve got more clients. Great.  But if we think STRATEGICALLY, we can see that this isn’t going to be the best plan. Strategically, it would be better if you INCREASE your pricing, thereby taking on fewer clients, doing more concentrated work and earning more money per month. Right? Your MINDSET, however, may well fight against the idea of raising prices, and before long all sorts of negative mind chatter shows up.  ‘Who would buy a product from YOU?”,  “Who are YOU to charge that amount?”,  “You’re not good enough to sell that!”,  “You’re not clever enough for that!” and the list goes on and on.  You know what I’m saying is true, right? This mindset comes from years and years of PRACTICE! You probably don’t even realise that you’ve been training yourself to think this way for YEARS and to get out of this mindset once it’s established, I will be honest, can be a HARD process if done alone. It takes a GOOD coach or mentor to work with you to shift this mindset. These include: 

  1. Shamans, 
  2. Healers, 
  3. Business Mindset Coaches, 
  4. Law of Attraction Coaches 
  5. Psychologists
  6. RTT, EFT Coaches

So we can see it’s a really common problem, right? Negative Mindset or limiting beliefs, can really HOLD YOU BACK, but once you get on the right track and start to challenge this negativity, it’ll do WONDERS for your confidence and you’ll step up and into a stronger and more confident version of yourself. But even with a more positive mindset and the knowledge that you CAN charge higher prices – you still need to think about what this means for your BUSINESS GROWTH.

Charging more for your products or services also means you need to find clients who’ll pay your new higher prices.



Where do you ‘find’ the clients who will pay more now that you‘ve worked on your mindset? Yep, you guessed it, through the business operations. However, right now your body and mind is running on good vibe feelings of how you‘ve realised that you‘ve not been able to offer higher pricing because of mindset limitations and old programming.  For example, you realised that you‘re playing small when you could be the higher version of yourself.

Now how in the name of Unicorns do you transfer THAT knowledge over to your Business Operations?

And this is where we fall short and get frustrated.  The expectations that your mindset growth is the same process as your business growth.  That‘s like saying that everyone needs to marry to experience true love. One solution doesn‘t fit all.

Your mindset growth enables YOU to grow as a person and spiritual being. Your business growth enables YOU to run a business rather than vice versa.


Business and Mindset Growth go hand-in-hand.

But they are not one and the same. Each growth has a different process and/or system.


Your Business Growth requires you to build a FOUNDATION to build on top of. And this consists of knowing:

  1. your audience (or what I call your Soul Group) inside-out. 
  2. your Life Purpose (this is NOT your profession!)
  3. your market
  4. embracing your umbrella (using ALL your professions as a multi-passionate being and not having to choose ‘one‘)
  5. your messaging
  6. your Soul Clients


When you have this foundation, then you grow your business with operations such as:

  1. website
  2. visual branding
  3. social media communication
  4. ads
  5. copywriting
  6. sales funnels and lead gens
  7. networking
  8. print materials
  9. pricing
  10. distribution
  11. promotion (media and PR)
  12. CRM
  13. AIDA
  14. Know-Like-Trust
  15. Personality
  16. Consumer Behaviour and Psychology

And the list goes on! Your mindset growth enables YOU to grow as a person and spiritual being.  Your business growth enables YOU to run a business rather than vice versa. There’s a lot of talk about uplevelling your business with Quantum Leaps which mostly refers to uplevelling your mindset with business tactics, but not necessarily building your brand and business operations. Be aware of this. Please. (DISCLAIMER: For those reading and shaking their heads saying, ENERGY is what attracts. This is VERY true! And I don’t deny it. You’re here reading this article aren’t you? I too used my energy to attract. However, I KNOW my Mindset growth and Business Growth. I know who and what I’m attracting because I’ve laid the foundation to attract my soul group and clients based on my purpose. I run my business. It doesn’t run me. And when I run into mindset barriers I work on this independently of my Business Growth). Your takeaway from this is to make sure you understand that what makes a business successful (i.e. profitable) is having your Business Operations in place. That means having a team around you, systems and processes. And that business growth is not the same as your mindset growth. 

What makes a BRAND successful (i.e. becoming well known, a thought leader, influential and expert) is:

a) knowing your life purpose, b) knowing your soul group and soul clients c) being 100% steadfast in your messaging and d) knowing how your products and/or services will fulfil the desires of each of your soul clients’ phases. If you’re struggling or are CONFUSED about how to GROW your business, join my WONDERLAND VISIONARY HUB, where creative visionaries LIKE YOU learn how to grow their business profitably with Business Growth and Mindset Growth. 

Action steps for you today on how you can rise above your mindset and grow your business:

    1. be clear on who you are (mindset, programming, conditioning, beliefs, personality, values) 
    2. Be clear on who your business is (embrace your umbrella, message, audience, market, operations). 
    3. Your mindset is your self actualisation
    4. Your business growth is operations that need to be run by you and you need to know you
    5. your business growth needs direction = your life purpose (not profession)
    6. List where your business needs growth and why it hasn‘t been done (list your reasons why) 
    7. Then list how you can grow your business independent of your mindset growth
    8. Map out your business organigram – what do you want your business team to look like? Who will be doing what? You want to run a profitable business so think about your strengths, and how you can employ others to help you overcome your weaknesses.
    9. Identify your Life Purpose – this is so important to your brand growth. Remember your life purpose is NOT your profession.


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