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All levels

Career change? Starting up a business? Expanding your current business?

Whatever phase you find yourself in, working with Sashka, the leading business and brand strategist for over 35+ years, will give you the holistic answers you’re looking for.

Your guarantee: You will NOT be given a one-size-fits-all template. Each and every session is moulded around your originality, purpose, values, why, talents and gifts.

This 8-week intensive business coaching for Creative Visionaries (yes that’s you!), will ensure that all your job-hopping and career diversions will have been leading you towards this moment, where I show you how you can monetize all of you, without sacrificing your individuality.

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All levels of business

A global creative talent management group that specializes in connecting Visionary Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with market-specific opinion leaders and building partnerships with humanized brands. Our vision is to bring back communication between human beings in spite of a digitalised world.

BrandSashka is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of the visionary business owner and entrepreneur world and identify strategies around entertainment and education that drive consumer engagement, business revenue, brand partnerships and good for humanity.

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for intermediate-advanced businesses

A. We specialize in custom growth and scale strategies, as well as beyond-the-obvious promotion campaigns for Visionary brands, to build engaged communities online and offline, as well as targeted and financial ROI on lead generation conversions over 3-12 months.

B. Digital Marketing: Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing & Management, Content Creator/Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & Funnel/Flywheel Conversions.

C. Visual Branding: Designing and Developing your Brand from scratch and/or re-branding (Logo, Colours, fonts, Mood board, visual Templates, CI Manual).

D. Brand Authority: Building long-term relationships with the media, podcasters, and event organizers seeking thought leaders to speak and/or be represented in the media.

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for start-ups and intermediate businesses

BrandSashka has created The Ultimate Marketing Course for you to grow and scale your business and brand. This course if free and comprehensive with workbooks, audio’s and videos that teach about: Business Planning, Brand Messaging, Target Audience, Mindset, strategies to get your business online, Content and Social Media Marketing with 20 global experts, a roadmap and checklist, visual branding masterclass, and marketing foundations.

Auch auf Deutsch erhältlich

case study of working with brandsashka

Learn today how this long-standing business owner, realised that her business and message was stagnant. Her solution was to be VISIBLE with an eye-catching website and popping branding. What was to be a quick-fix website development, turned into a two-year relationship that turned this no-name brand into an unforgettable brand leader. Want to know how and why? Then read this exclusive case study.

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The leading International Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries. She’s an edutainer, author and speaker, serving creative visionaries in the lifestyle market, who want to go from no-name to brand leadership without selling their soul but leading with it. She’s been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! Finance, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. 

i'm an author to this book!

for anyone looking to discover their life purpose, values, vision, why and values.

It’s all about finding your life purpose. Not your profession. The two are different.
The latter is what you do. The former is why you’re here on earth today. 

The book and workbook offers you exercises to give you insight into your life purpose. Easy-to-read. Simple. And totally creative and fun!

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All levels of business

The Future Forward Hub Podcast & Events is the stage for Regular People who are Implementing Extraordinary Change through conversations on 5x of the World Health Organisation’s Global Goals.

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Sashka’s teaching can be experienced in the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein and Salzburg, within different organisations and teams, or within individually curated spaces. Her lectures and workshops are entertaining, thought-provoking, and focus always on you the individual.