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I joined Sheelagh on her venture, when she’d already started doing her website with the AH-MAZING Juvee Perez – from However, what Sheelagh lacked and desired was Brand Marketing. We started working together in July 2015. Working on her Marketing strategy, online marketing plan (lead magnets, opt-ins, email automation, videos), tone-of-voice, social media presence and brand consistency.

I designed a logo for her look ‘n feel of her brand design. But something was missing…her SOUL…so we set out to bringing her soul to the forefront with her brand without coming across as woo-woo ????

The result is a strong, yet very true to her soul, brand personality and identity. Sheelagh is the only Clairvoyant Life Coach that I’ve worked with (yes I too have consumed this service) and I can HIGHLY recommend it! Although I know what my purpose in life is, and a strong woman. It’s an undescribeable feeling to build on my strengths and my Intuition to enforce my daily decisions in life and business.

Wanna know something totally cool? Sheelagh was instructed by her team of angels and spirit guides to work with me. How freaking cool is that?

There have been different campaigns over the past year, whilst working with Sheelagh. These have included:

  • 7 Days of Grounding Your Magic
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Cover of her “Living Your Life Purpose” book
  • Abundance Challenge
  • Social Media Posts

Facebook Ad and Brand Management
Analyzing and Adapting her Sales Funnel
Designing and Content for Blog Post
Creating Sales and Thank-you page with Facebook Pixels
Creating a video for the Facebook Video Ads
Tweaking and adapting the FB Ads daily

Sashka is the real deal. She not only identifies what isn't working, she zones in on how it could work beautifully. She then takes all the worry and concern out of your hands, and puts together a plan of action that is focused upon you and your brand needs. The most obvious thing about Sashka's work is that she gets the individuals, she knows exactly what you haven't quite lasered in on yet, and she finds a way to express this through your branding, marketing and communications with your tribe. Your tribe are looking for you and Sashka makes it easy as ABC for them to find, utilise and benefit from your services/niche. I couldn't have navigated this crazy complex world of business without her and she remains my go to person on just about everything.
Sheelagh Wright
Psychic - Clairvoyant


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