What Are The Things You Can Do Now For Your Soul Brand Marketing?

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I was watching these two lovebirds the other day, whilst I was sitting having a luxurious cup of coffee i.e. I had none of my kids running around (LOL – but I digress).

The two were holding hands all googly-eyed. Made me smile thinking that despite the era we live in, love hasn’t lost its touch. The girl was blushing, sipping on her drink, both were smiling at each other (probably a mixture of naughty and innocent thoughts). And I overhear the guy asking the girl a question if she’s ready to leave. The girl shrugs her shoulder with “I dunno, do you wanna go?” and the guy shrugs his shoulders and replies the same with “I dunno”…

Sweet. A pool of “I dunno’s”.

I smile.

My thoughts then drift to a Forum I’ve been in lately. A question was posed by a member, as he too had a pool of “I dunno’s” swimming around in his life and business.

“I dunno why my sales page isn’t attracting clients, I dunno why no-one’s responding to my expensive website, I dunno why I’m doing this anymore because no-one’s responding to me”.
We’ve all been there right?
So you can FEEL for this member.

But then before I could blink, there were already an array of the usual questions being fired at this member, in response to the dilemma at hand:

  1. Have you researched your market?
  2. Have you narrowed down your audience?
  3. Have you created an avatar?
  4. What about your branding?
  5. Do you have a website to lead the clients to?
  6. Do you have a freebie to start building your email list?
  7. Have you hired a business coach to get your marketing plan created and executed?
  8. So-and-so helped me launch – they’re the absolute BEST! Get in touch!


What would YOU have answered this lovely soul?

Now this is someone you’ve never met. You know nothing about their product and/or services. And yes all the questions fired at him were all legitimate questions. And yet, just like that lovebird couple, where both were at a loss of being able to make a decision, so the same went for this guy. Too many questions and too many “I dunno’s”.

This leaves you at a loss of how to market anything.
Your first reaction is overwhelm, where you shut-down and do nothing.
This is probably the most “meh” place to be in your business and life. Because nothing budges. You land up being busy being busy with no tangible results.

So how can you (and this member) resolve the “I dunno’s” and relieve the overwhelm within your Soul Brand Marketing?

For starters, we’re going to put Marketing aside for now. Yup you read right. And I  know that this is what BrandSashka does, but sometimes we need to resolve the cause and not the problem.




I know you’ve read that you need to get your ideal client sorted out – you read it everywhere.
But let’s be honest, what’s the point in doing what you’re doing if you’re not doing it for your ideal client?

But I’d like to go one step deeper than an IDEAL client, I’d love for you to meet your SOUL client.
The client that has a SOUL connection with you. Where you just “get” each other.

Soul Clients are clients that we can ATTRACT and not just “sell” to.
Soul Clients are waiting to hear from YOU, not so much your products and/or services, but YOU.
What Message do YOU have to spread to the them, that’ll change their lives and their businesses?

Too often we focus so strongly on the marketing – SELL – that we forget about the SOUL buying it. And WHY they want to buy it.

Marketing is vital for your business as it’s a strong framework to keep your business afloat (who builds their houses on sand right?). So things like knowing your Demo-and Psychographics are important for Advertising. Knowing your SOUL Client helps you create:

  • CONTENT for your blogs and videos
  • Effective and profitable marketing strategies
  • The right products and/or services
  • Targeted launches and events
  • Luscious copy for your readers
  • SELL your products and/or services and LOVE the sales ‘cause it’s done with grace and ease

… but for communicating and connecting to your SOUL Client, this is irrelevant. What you require is connecting via an energetic and soul bond. And it’s calling into this bond. Once you’ve called in this bond, then you’re able to create the Marketing Framework mentioned above, because then it’ll contain content and visuals that your Soul Client is looking for fused with YOUR SOUL Branding.

And there’ll be an immediate SOUL connection, something that an Advertising spot cannot achieve.



A heart-centred business with SOUL Brand Marketing HAS to work on their mindset daily. Why?
Because our energy portals suck in energies from our surroundings daily. These can be positive or negative energies.
The more energy that is sapped out of you, the more depleted you’ll feel.
You know? That place of “meh” and “I’m in a funk” state.

This state brings out the worst in you: you start doubting yourself, your passions. You question your existence. You ponder on that launch you just put out into the world, and how it’s not really getting the traction that you desire, actually it just sucks. That coach you paid for the online course was a waste of time – their content didn’t help you at all, ‘cause now you’re just sitting here in a pool of pity and everything just sucks. Ugh…pretty morbid right?

Which is why, it’s so important to remember WHO you’re doing this for and WHY?
And to get your MINDSET on the right track.

It’s like when you’re driving your car or bicycle, and you have to swerve out the way, and you get a wobble, but bring the wheels back on track after that swerve.
The same goes for your MINDSET.
It can take a wobble, but you can bring it back-on-track.

I’ve learned a great method from a MINDSET Coach:

Say this with conviction to your feelings, fears and thoughts: “I see you. I acknowledge you. And I release you.”
Now don’t scrunch that forehead so weird. Listen, I know what this is like, wondering why money doesn’t grow on trees. Perhaps I should never have become a mother ‘cause then I wouldn’t be in this predicament. I’m like everyone in my family, big dreamers zero achievers. blah blah blah…

And that crap isn’t serving you right?

So do what I say and like a muscle practice, use this line whenever doubt or fear pops up. And another thing: when doubt or fear pops up. Instead of running yourself down into the ground, I’d like you to receive this fear with open arms.

No, I haven’t gone barking mad! Fear = False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

All these stories that you are telling yourself are stories you’ve conjured up out of fear. And by acknowledging the fear but at the same time letting it go, you’re taking control over the feelings instead of them over you. You’re focusing your energy on FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. And what you focus on, your energy will attract. It might not happen immediately but it WILL happen.

Your task is to accept the fear as it’s a sign that you’re allowing your SOUL to grow and learn by accepting challenges and learning to deal with them, which will help you serve your clients more, as you’ve gone through similar challenges.



When you’re determined to do something. You set your mind to it and you do it. There are moments in your life, where things just SNAP, and you make a conscious and determined decision to move forward in life. That where you are NOW, is not serving you or anyone around you. And it’s THIS attitude that propels you forward.

You cannot LEARN it. It’s a DESIRE. And desires are WANTED. And when you WANT something bad enough, you’ll do almost ANYTHING to make it happen.


The more you do the more you’ll be rewarded. But do it strategically. If I gave you an axe and told you to go chop down ten trees, would you give each tree a whack or would you chop them down one by one? I’m guessing one by one, and with a plan i.e. the trees that are all closest to one another or the trees that have a smaller circumference at the start. And you’d go one-by-one. Because if you spent all day running around whacking each tree once you would be exhausted and without firewood. And it’s the same with your business.

Focus on ONE task – Strategically and do it WELL. Learn to gather the wood and then separate. Same for your business.

Gather information and then pick out what fits with your brand

  • Promise
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Identity
  • Tonality
  • Message
  • Positioning



Soul Brand Marketing® is more focused on Purpose Over Profit©
So the things that are important to start with are your SOUL Client, Mindset and then the Marketing (Strategy) or how I like to refer to, your FRAMEWORK.

Start with this, it’ll give you and your business Brand Clarity and Consistency in more ways than you can imagine!

Got any questions you’d like to have answered, then drop me a line hello@brandsashka.com or join my Facebook group here.


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