ultimate free marketing course

The Ultimate Brand and Marketing Course
For Start-Up's And Intermediate Global Business Owners

BrandSashka has created The Ultimate Marketing Course for you to grow and scale your business and brand. This course if free and comprehensive with workbooks, audio’s and videos that teach about: Business Planning, Brand Messaging, Target Audience, Mindset, strategies to get your business online, Content and Social Media Marketing with 20 global experts, a roadmap and checklist, visual branding masterclass, and marketing foundations.

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Which Areas Will This Free Course Cover?

Business plan

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This Breakthrough Business Plan Training: 12-month forecast, competitors, audience, sales & strategy.

visual branding masterclass

Identify your soul client from a distance. Write copy specifically targeted to your soul clients. Be crystal clear on which products and/or services your soul clients want.

roadmap and checklist

It all starts with taking that step, even if it isn’t all perfect and rosy. The leap of faith is what gets the snowball rolling.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Setting Up Your Tech Stuff (All Free So Don’t Worry About Having To Purchase Anything). Setting Up Your Visual Branding Look ‘N Feel. Creating Content For Your Social Media Platforms. Putting It All Together. Reaching Out To Your Audience. Consistency And Motivation. Money And Time Management Support.

20 expert trainers

With over 20x experts from around the world, this training concentrates all the marketing tools you need for your marketing: YouTube, Instagram, SEO, Quizzes, Facebook Ads, Funnels, Copywriting, Blogging, Podcasting, Speaking for beginners, Lead generation, mastering your WordPress website, sales coaching, Google Ads, webinar marketing and, financial planning.

target audience and brand messaging

This expert audio training with Workbook is created to help you understand WHAT messaging is and HOW to apply it within your business (and life). By following the steps in the workbook, you’re able to see where your blind spots are and tackle them head-on.

brandsashka has over 35 Years’ Experience of Building and Marketing Global Creative Visionary Businesses and Brands.

EduTainer & lecturer

The Performing Strategist

Award-winning performer and guaranteed to not only entertain your audience but educate too on the specialized topics of Communication, Purpose, Consumer Psychology, Growth Marketing, Business & Brand Building, Marketing, Strategy, and more.

Future Forward Hub

Podcast & Events
The space to be a part of the community, where the stage is set for regular people implementing extraordinary change, are conversing on 6x of the World Health Organisation’s Global Goals.

Workshops & Retreats

Brand & Business Building

Regular on-and-offline workshops and retreats are being organized and planned. Be sure to get on the ‘news and more’ subscriber list to find out more!

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our FOUR core areas for brand & business building


We specialize in custom growth and scale strategies, as well as beyond-the-obvious promotion campaigns to build engaged communities online and offline, as well as targeted and financial ROI on lead generation conversions.

digital marketing

Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing & Management, Content Creator/Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & Funnel/Flywheel Conversions.

visual branding

Designing and Developing your Brand from scratch and/or re-branding (Logo, Colours, fonts, Mood board, visual Templates, CI Manual).

brand authority

Building long-term relationships with the media, podcasters, and event organizers seeking thought leaders to speak and/or be represented in the media.

The Ultimate Brand and Marketing Course
For Start-Up's And Intermediate Global Business Owners

Better than watching YouTube videos all day! Get your business and brand moving forward today, for free!