Sarah Ann Negus – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2016-2019 Have you ever worked with a Modern Day Shaman®? Well, sit is absolutely incredible! And by that I mean that Sarah is INCREDIBLE! This woman rocks my world! And designing and developing her Visual Branding, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Launch Campaigns, Paid Advertising, as well as working together with Sarah on […]

Sami Wunder – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2018 Sami Wunder is a Relationship Coach and rocks this world! Designing her visual branding from the soul and consequently her sub-brands within her organisation, was incredible. Sami is a powerhouse woman boss CEO and knows exactly what she wants. There was no beating around the bush and we got straight to work […]

Sabine Vogelsberg – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2018-2019 I joined forces with Sabine Vogelsberg after a friend recommended we partner with one another – her German-speaking and me English.  We got on like a house-on-fire. She is a beautiful human being inside-out. And branding her soul was with such ease because she is just such a magical human being with […]

Sabine & Sashka – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2018-2019 A friend suggested that Sabine and I meet and join forces. Which we did – bringing together German-English speaking markets, we set out to market our joint services around Event Marketing. Creating the whole package was a bonus considering, BrandSashka did it all 🙂 Paid Advertising Website Design and Development Visual Branding […]

Radiah Rhodes – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2016 Radiah is the co-founder of Evók Life and the Author of Being Is The New Doing. And an incredible human being, and I was so honoured that she chose to have her soul branded for a simple logo and visual branding. Sashka is truly as magical as her brand shows. Working with […]

Rachel Hansen – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017 Rachel has been through such a transformation as a human being and her profession. She now goes by the name of Tia. Vidal and after working with many women on their money-mindset using EFT Tia is now tapping into her Purpose of Liberation as a bad ass photographer using all her previous […]

Olga Dovnar – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2018 Olga approached me to brand her soul for both her personal brand and her product ‘Whole Marketer’. We designed and developed her Visual Branding and Website. Olga is mysterious and such a beautiful human being with an incredible amount of insight. Branding her soul was a beautiful experience and enjoyed from all […]

No Limits! Event – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2015-2017 I was first invited to attend the No Limits! Event in Brussels organised by Joanna Hennon and Karina Ladet in 2015. For the second year, as a speaker invited again, I offered to do the Soul Branding for the event as a Sponsorship. The results were soooo cool! As was the event! […]

Brand Development For Various Brands

Services Rendered: Here a collection of different visual branding for various clients around the world as a summary. Working on:1. Online Summits and the branding (Authentic Branding Summit)2. Logo development + Print Materials + Photoshoot + Copywriting (Viscom)3. Crystally Yours, David Vox, BrandFlava Magazine, Gitti Hirschman brochure, Body Orchestra, Mini Pigs vom Wiesenhof4. Mug designs […]

Mühlegger Küche – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017 Meeting Walter Mühlegger is like meeting Zeus – because he looks like that 🙂 He is an old soul and branding his soul was a joy! The brand is now taken over by the next generation hence the closing of our chapter (BrandSashka doesn’t work with every person only Creative Visionaries and […]