Kaufmann Spirits – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017 Ahhh this was so much fun! Ahoi Captain!It’s time for locally homegrown and produced Gin, Rum, Whisky – to be exact MOUNTAIN Gin, Rum and Whisky.What fun this design was!And that includes the tasting too! Services rendered:Merchandising design for new products locally grown and produced for local and international market.

Millen Livis – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017-2018 Millen is a Wealth coach and a darned good one at it! What a pleasure it was branding her soul with visual branding for her main brand and consequently her sub-brands. Also arranging and organizing her brand photoshoot!

Lisa Maria Klingler – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2019-2020 Lisa is an incredible woman – free-spirited, a rebel, a misfit and a warrior. Working with this phenomenal woman, brought out my desire to rebel more and be more adventurous! I worked with Lisa on her Soul Brand Marketing®, the Visual Branding, her website, the strategy for the products she would be […]

Nicole Haut – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017-2021 Meeting Nicole changed my life and business. Not only did I gain a client but a soul sister.  Nicole is an incredible human being with such a good heart and is a brilliant dancer and life coach.  We have worked with one another on the whole damn package! Visual BrandingWebsite Development and […]

Kelly Morgan – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017 Kelly is an incredible human being and it was such an honour working with her. Kelly had already had her logo designed which is beautiful, what we worked on together was her social media marketing and management as well as marketing strategy in terms of launch campaigns for her programmes. That included, […]

Katie Farrell – Brand Development

Services Rendered: 2017 This beautiful human being is a treasure to be around and work with. She is thorough, organised, passionate and absolutely loves what she does! We worked on Katie’s Brand Development (Visual Branding) as well as her Website Design & Development.